Blocksmith for Education

Our 21st-century approach to education is actively used by homeschoolers, in schools and in STEM camps nationwide. It offers a highly accessible path for students to learn about 3D modeling, animations and programming, before starting with advanced programs like Unity3D and Unreal.

A child using the Builder on a laptop

Students learn to create 3D games, with unprecedented engagement

Our Education Edition provides you with everything to make your teaching experience smooth and highly intriguing for your students to engage.

See what the Builder software can do.

“I knew we had something in Blocksmith when our 3-5th graders quickly began building their own 3D creations after 20 minutes of being introduced to the program. We heard lots of oohs and wows!
We saw students sharing with each other how they built racing cars, sky-high buildings and other unique 3D scenes.
As an educator, I like how Blocksmith facilitates students creating as opposed to being relatively passive consumers of information. This is a big hit with the kids!”
“I also like how much the girls are into doing this! We very much encourage them to get involved in this as much as they can, and not think of it as a "boy" thing. I want them to love it at whatever level they want!”

Ken Price, John Barenberg, Marsing School District

Strong tie-in with AR and VR

A child in a classroom putting on a VR headset

VR/AR devices are not necessary to run Blocksmith, but supporting them is a core feature of our system. When used in schools, they greatly enhance how students experience their work.

"We were supposed to build motorized Lego cars today. We were going to come back to Blocksmith in two weeks. The kids groaned. They wanted to continue building and making games, see them in VR. So we will do cars later and continue with Blocksmith!”

Scott Slonim, Blaine County School District

State of the art support for Educators

Screenshot of the Blocksmith Course quest

Students learn at their own pace

Powerful online curriculum, showing each step with animated pictures

Students create worlds while learning computer science skills in the meantime

Curriculum is centered around engaging projects for each lesson, teaching core aspects of video game making for all interests

Fast and efficient preparation

Daily Cheat Sheets for Educators featuring content overview, key terms, learning goals and class routines

Distraction free learning

A group of students using computers

Get a domain just for your school/camp

Blocksmith Education features a distraction free, safe learning environment. Students only see experiences from classmates and friends invited to the same space.

Increase participation and engagement

Students share work, provide feedback, and can easily collaborate on projects.

We value your time

Fast and flexible setup. Flexible student accounts. Administrator friendly installation. Ask us for more details or try it out yourself for your home or school.

Utilize existing equipment

Laptops running Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS

Works with the computers you already have

Able to run on basic computers, Blocksmith minimizes the cost of entry and offers a familiar toolset for students and teachers to create with. Supports Windows PC, Mac and Chromebook.

Exhibit and experience great student projects

Viewers are available for most smartphones and desktop computers. Strong support for VR and AR devices.

What will your students create?

Find out


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