Oculus Go Setup

Setting up your Oculus Go

  1. Create an Oculus account here. Skip to the next step if you already have an account.

  2. Send us (support@blocksmithxr.com) the email you used to create the Oculus account.
    We will use it to send you an invite to access the Blocksmith Go app.

  3. Wait for the invite email to be sent from Oculus, titled something like "Release Channel Offering from Blocksmith, Inc on Oculus". This should take no longer than 1 business day.
    When you receive the email, it should look like the example below:


  1. Follow the link the email to accept the invite! After accepting, you should see the following message confirming your access:


  1. Put on the Oculus Go and open the Store. In the Featured section, scroll all of the way down until you see My Preview Apps. This will only be visible after accepting the invite. The Blocksmith Viewer will be there!